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I am an undergraduate Specialized Honours Psychology student. My interests combine the study of positive leadership through the interaction of teams, and ethical leadership through inclusion. I seek to understand racial and cultural representation in leadership structures, helping organizations tackle decision making problems within their teams. I also founded and lead a Black student association on campus that endeavours to help rectify Black representation in graduate programs through student engagement. Prior to my undergraduate career, I worked in healthcare as a nurse, and I’m currently building up my hiking gear collection.



I am a currently in the first year of my Master's in Clinical-Developmental Psychology program at York. I am interested in exploring parenting stress and coping in families of children with developmental disabilities. As for non-clinical research areas, I am interested in social phenomenon in the workplace that affect how marginalized groups navigate employment, inclusion, and mental health. Prior to starting graduate school, Dr. Lyons supervised my independent study project where Anh and I examined the relationship between disclosing having bipolar disorder and hiring attitudes.



I have recently finished my undergraduate degree in psychology. My thesis was a qualitative study looking at virtual social support for refugee mothers during COVID-19. I am currently working on a project with Dr. Shen investigating the experiences of women facing fertility challenges at work. I'm currently working full time at Women's College Hospital supporting projects related to virtual care.